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Hi there lovely, my name is Ellen and I'm 17 years old. I've lost track of how many fandoms I belong to and I reblog anything that tickles my fancy. If I like something I will immediately think that it is the most beautiful thing in the world and nothing can possibly change that. You have been warned. I'm always here for anyone that needs to talk about something or even someone who just feels like having a good chat, I've been told I'm good at cheering people up and I truly care so don't ever feel like you're bothering me. I look forward to hearing from you :)
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art friends

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"Game of Thrones"

with makeup and without

So basically they are all just really gorgeous all the frickin time

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#she definitely named her daughter with this joke in mind and waited patiently for years for the chance to finally make it

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I’d happily watch an 8 hour film adaptation of a book if it meant every little book detail was put in it

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my last words will probably be sarcastic

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What even are cats?


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I’ve wanted to do an anime redraw for sometime now ; u ;

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can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

That’s it, that’s actually it.

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

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do you ever realize that there was a moment when your mom or dad put you down as a baby and never picked you up again

I told my mom about this and she walked over and picked me up I am a 22 year old adult woman

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for halloween i’m going to go as the entire show teen wolf and i’m just going to wear a billboard with SAMSUNG on the front and TOYOTA on the back

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When disabled people say they don’t want to be treated differently, we mean we don’t want to hear your voice go up 5 million octaves as you talk to us like we’re toddlers, or see your face contort into a big plastic smile when you see us. 

We mean, treat us with the respect and dignity a human being has every right to.

We do not mean, ignore our disability and hold us to abled standards. 

Abled people just don’t get that.

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